In response to recent events pertaining to leaked confidential messages between the British Ambassador to the United States and Downing Street, in reference to the current American President, these are the crisis communications strategies I would have suggested. Had I been asked. Which I wasn’t.

  1. Do not call the experienced and accomplished Ambassador “a very stupid man.” You are not twelve. If we had a modicum of integrity, the political theater would not be a sandbox. We do not throw things. We use our words.
  2. Speaking of words. We acknowledge the role of foreign ambassadors to represent their view of the country they reside in as honestly as possible, and the many ways that image can be muddled. If we find out the perception of ourselves is less than stellar than we are grateful for the chance to communicate more thoroughly, listen to the concerns of that nation, and hopefully reach a mutual better understanding of that international relationship resulting in a more exemplary review. It is a privilege to know the honest feelings of said nation and be able to address them.
  3. We invite ambassadors of other nations to share with us if they or their staff have ever felt similarly, and work to establish a new foreign relations management system that better addresses efficiency and sensitivity to global needs, as is our responsibility as a world leader and economic power.

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