Love, Your Daughter

This weekend is Mother’s Day and it seems the ideal time to reinforce the virtues of daughterhood. Of course we should appreciate our Mums, and all of the things they do for us, and their incomparable unconditional love. I’m just not sure there’s enough said about expressing those feelings through trying to be the best daughter that you can all the days of the year.

cat mom

Whether your mom is your best friend or a weekly phone call, she knows you better and in a different way than anyone else ever will- so now it’s time to show her that you know her in a light that no one else can see. You know when she’s just being polite. That she makes meatloaf all the time because she likes it, not just because she knows you do. And you definitely know when she hates your sweater. So wear the top that she likes, wait three seconds at all of the stop signs, and make it clear that she is worth putting as much into being her daughter as she puts into being your mother.

My mom has been an endless and effusive font of support and love that forever cements her position as a goddess in my eyes. For the times I really need it (most of the time) and the times that I’m showing her how independent she’s made me, there simply aren’t enough ways to say “Thank You, I Love You, Everything Good About Me Is Because of You”. When I simply can’t stand every other person on Earth, she is the one I want to be with. And to be eating pasta with. And, possibly, also be drunk with. My mom is my favorite person. I’m so proud to be her daughter, and today I get to say all of these things at once.

Everyone should write their mom a love letter. This one is mine. Go write your own.

I Love You, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! xxx

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