“Greek” is Great

greek-cast02[1]The cast of Greek has appealed to their audience’s sense of vicarious adventure for three seasons, and taking advantage of a mildly risqué plot they are now encouraging an important facet of Greek life that is often forgotten- philanthropy. In last week’s episode “The Half Naked Gun” Casey turns the annual undie run (mostly an excuse to run through campus in your favorite frilly boy shorts) into a clothing drive for the homeless. The episode is meant to kick off the recent partnership the show has made with DoSomething.org to encourage everyone to do what they can to help in their community.

The cast is going to appear in PSA’s supporting a few charities that need volunteers. Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca) has a special relationship with Girls Inc. since she “started volunteering at schools on [her] own and ran into Girls Inc. [She] found out what a great program it is and came to them with some ideas”. Global Green USA and Cancer for College, who encourage green living and supply college scholarships for cancer patients respectively, are also featured. Dilshad, Spencer Grammer (Casey), and Scott Michael Foster (Cappie, sigh) all agreed that supporting charities is not always the easiest thing- along with the studying, sleeping, not sleeping, eating, and maintaining sanity that fill a college students life- but “committing yourself for as little as an hour a week can make such a big difference”.

Greek has found a foothold with an audience that goes beyond college students to include reminiscing parents and anxious high school students which will, hopefully, make this campaign to participate that much more effective. Jacob Zachar (Rusty) thinks “the show is so relatable because of the different kinds of characters” and the full spectrum of events they show as being part of college life. Whether you think you’re an “Ashley” or a “Casey” someone on Greek has acted out part of your life, and then you kind of wished you had the rest of theirs. Granted there’s plenty that goes above and beyond with the excuse of entertainment value, Evan Chambers’ Ironman car for one (which Jake McDorman says was completely awesome, even if he had no idea how to drive stick).

While a lot of the cast has never attended college, or at least not ones with any kind of Greek life, they all seem to feel like they’ve gotten the best of the experiences they’ve missed through the show. Jake likes that the writers have “covered every facet… being the odd one out, how it feels to be in a new environment, go through relationships and breakups. And then every once in a while Scott walks around in his underwear.” Thank God for that.

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