The Superbowl for Girls


Since this year’s Superbowl was obviously orchestrated with girls in mind- all we know is Beyonce wins – I was inspired to remind the ladies why we are still sitting in front of the TV for the last two quarters. The only things I know, and the only things I need to know about the 49ers and the Ravens are as follows:

1. The Ravens clearly have the most modern and on trend uniform color and design. The 49ers clearly took photogenicism into consideration in their fabric choice.

2. The Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, has a much cuter face; while 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has pretty insane abs, but you have to be into tattoos.

3. Ray Rice and his daughter Rayven on the field before the game. I mean, really. Image

4. Downton Abbey is on right after.